Weekly Reads – October 5th

It’s been a short work week for me as I had Thursday and Friday off, which I planned for a mini-adventure. We spent a long weekend in Lucerne, Switzerland and had the most amazing time. The weather forecast was not too good – and while we did have some good weather to wander around and admire the views – we spent a lot of time in our Airbnb, cooking, chatting and enjoying the time. A true bliss of a weekend if you ask me.

To be very honest, we initially did not plan to do more travelling during Covid, but in the end, decided to go for it. We were very careful and flew without any issues – people follow the rules quite tightly in airports in Europe – tried to avoid big crowds once there, and of course, wore masks pretty much everywhere. We had a good experience travelling both times this year – including our summer holiday in Spain – and while for the moment no further travel plans are being made, we will have to see how things progress and if this will be the “new normal” and how we will adapt to it, travelling included.


Weekly Reads Oct 55
Lake Lucerne and the beautiful surrounding mountain view.


The Weekly Reads


What I wear when I want to feel normal. I love all the looks M.M LaFleur put together in this roundup. Loved the white and cream look built with the simultaneously on-trend and timeless O’Hara blazer.

Productivity fails in times of corona. Corona shook up our lives as we knew them and getting accustomed to remote work wasn’t all easy for everyone, but we made it work. Have a read through these productivity fails to see less of what you shouldn’t be doing and more of what you should. I also shared my most simple yet most effective productivity tips in this post on Instagram last week so definitely have a read.

How to rebound from work mistakes. Work mistakes happen. No matter how good you are, chances are, sooner or later you will mess up. And that is fine. It’s what happens afterwards what matters most in my opinion. When I make a mistake, for me, personally it’s all about brushing it off and moving on. Often, I need to take a moment and let it sink in – let my shame sink in, to be honest – but then I immediately come up with a plan and get to the action. The best thing to always do is to inform the people affected by the mistake – delay/change of plan/etc – and let them know of next steps and solutions. Time is usually precious in these moments and the faster you react, the better as you can minimize most damage – at least in my line of work. Also, no need to (over)apologize here. People – managers, clients – generally appreciate transparency and proactivity but there is no need for you to position yourself as a “mat”. State the facts, the solution and move on. I also love all the tips Career Contessa shared for rebounding from a mistake. If you are in a more junior position, making sure you align the solution with your manager/team is also key.

Micro habits. Small habits lead to big results. I don’t remember where I first saw this article on micro habits, but it resonated so much with me, and especially the quote at the end of the article.

“You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.”

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+ What I am cooking. I ate Thai coconut hot and sour soup a few times recently and I am absolutely loving it. Hence, my ambition to try and cook it myself for the coming cold season. This recipe from Be Mindful Be Human looks amazing, but this one from BBC Good Food seems much easier to follow. Cross your fingers for my soup!

+ What I am buying. I pulled the trigger on this gorgeous tweed jacket from Mango – I picked the black version, as it suited me better than the cream houndstooth pattern. Since I decluttered a little my wardrobe a couple of weeks ago, I thought I could make room for it and also have this be my one purchase for October.


Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a great start into the week!


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