Weekly Reads – October 12th

Work was intense this week. With Monday off – we booked the day off post-travels to make sure we can ease back into work nicely –  I had to squeeze all of my meetings and other work into only four days. Whenever I can, I love booking the day off after travelling/returning from holidays, to extend the holiday feeling and have enough time for admin work around the house. It really does the trick for me!

A highlight of the week must be the Thai coconut hot and sour soup I shared in the last post last week, and that I made twice. Here is the recipe linked once more. I tweaked it by adding plenty more vegetables including carrots, zucchini and cauliflower. Absolutely delicious and rather easy to make! Can’t recommend enough!


Weekly Reads Oct 5
A well-deserved cake & coffee time + a bit of work on the side.


The Weekly Reads


Stress and work. Ugh, stress is not nice and with work literally taking over our homes – hello work from home! – it’s harder and harder to keep it at bay. Here are some signs that your work is taking a toll on your health and that you should be doing something about it.

Strategies for getting more done in less time. With productivity levels being the highest they’ve ever been, we all have so much more on our plates. Here are five strategies to get more done in less time – a really succinct and actionable article from HBR. I love the idea of developing templates and checklists as well as reusing previous material. You might always be compelled to do your absolute best, but sometimes good enough is enough and repurposing something you’ve already done is a great time saver.

Nobel prize. Louise Glück, an American writer, was awarded 2020’s Nobel Prize in Literature. For a change of scenery in this week’s reads, read her 1993 Pulitzer Prize-winning poem about reincarnation “The Wild Iris” .

The next big hit. Alternative sources of protein have been a big deal lately. Now, it seems it’s the turn for insect-based protein. Or at least, a first step in that direction. Ÿnsect – a company building a new farm that will supply a low-carbon source of protein for pet food, fertilizer, and fish feed, replacing land-intensive options such as soy or cows – raised $372 million in financing, the largest amount raised to date in the insect protein sector, an industry that essentially didn’t exist a decade ago. The company launched in 2011 “to contribute to a more sustainable food system”.

+ What I am reading. I started a new book even though I am not finished with my current read (The Flatshare). The story was just not getting to me so I decided to put it on pause. I am currently reading “Where the Crawdads Sing” and even though I am only halfway through it, I am already loving it. Well written, with a touching story and beautifully written characters.


Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a great start into the week!


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