Weekly Reads – October 19th

This week was hectic in terms of work. I have been prioritizing getting things done at work and I definitely need to recalibrate when it comes to setting my priorities straight. Self-care and exercising have been taking a back seat in the past couple of weeks, so I need to get organized and slip them back into my schedule.

Weekly Reads Oct
One of my daily walks with a side of coffee & macarons. Just how I love it.

The Weekly Reads

What are your salary expectations? Choosing your strategy for discussing salary expectations is as important as actually doing it. These discussions can be tough and that is why preparation is key.

Common causes of very bad decisions. A fascinating look into what causes bad decisions. From our inability to see our own flaws to not understanding probability or being influenced by others that are playing a very different game.

How to answer interview questions for a remote position job interview. Remote roles can require a different set of skills – you generally have to be more independent when it comes to learning and getting up to speed, and most likely you will also get less face time with your manager and your team. Here is some excellent advice on how to navigate specific questions.

The secret lives of hair ties. A funny and cute graph on the secret lives of hair ties.

Outfit inspo. I love this very old Week of Outfits from A Cup of Jo. It’s the perfect mix for autumn days spent working from home and running a few errands outside. It gives me all the cosy and chic vibes I need!

+ A good reminder. This quote from Elizabeth Gilbert is a great reminder that we should sometimes take a leap of faith in ourselves.

“Too many women still seem to believe that they are not allowed to put themselves forward at all, until both they and their work are perfect and beyond criticism. Meanwhile, putting forth work that is far from perfect rarely stops men from participating in the global cultural conversation. I like that feature in men — their absurd overconfidence, the way they will casually decide, ‘Well, I’m 41 percent qualified for this task, so give me the job!’ Yes, sometimes the results are ridiculous and disastrous, but sometimes, strangely enough, it works — a man who seems not ready for the task, not good enough for the task, somehow grows immediately into his potential through the wild leap of faith itself.” 

Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a wonderful start into the work week!


  1. I cannot resonate more with the quote from E. Gilbert. It’s something that I think so often, how some men have this ridiculous overconfidence that lands them in jobs they are completely under-qualified for, yet so many women wait to be perfectly prepared, to earn enough years of experience and, in some cases, to even have external approval to go after what they want.

    I personally have made huge progress on this limiting mindset throughout my career but it’s definitely a constant work in progress.

    1. Glad that it resonated with you, Jessica! I always keep thinking the same as you. And to be frank, as I progress further and further in my career, I also become more and more aware of the fact that many people have no idea what they’are doing or have no credential for being in whatever position they are in. It always blows my mind but then again it’s a solid reminder that “there are less qualified people out there doing the job we’d love to do”.

      Very much a work in progress for me as well and I often remind this to both myself and my friends whenever I get the chance. We just need to keep going after what we want. We don’t need to wait for somebody/soemthing external to “give us the green light”, whatever that means.

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