Weekly Reads – October 26th

Welcome to the Weekly Reads, where I highlight articles that I found on the web and that are focused on career advice, lifestyle, beauty or anything I think would round-up as useful for the young, modern, working woman. Just get yourself comfortable, pour a cup of coffee – or tea – and enjoy this week’s reads!


What have I been up to this week?


Here we are, ready to kick off the last week of October and, given we dialled the clocks back by one hour this weekend, entering the cold and dark season for real. To be fair, I am quite excited for this month to be over. My motivation has been at sea level for most of the month. I finally had a small reboot this past week to wake up from the lethargy; therefore,  I’m definitely looking forward to a new month with better and more energetic days.

This weekend we had perfect, golden autumn days to enjoy. The city and especially our neighbourhood is so beautiful with all the golden leaves, I can’t get enough of this beauty and only wish autumn would last longer.


Weekly Reads Nov 2
Golden fall in Lucerne, Switzerland.

The Weekly Reads


How to handle a remote performance review. Performance reviews can be daunting for many people. Add the fact that nowadays they are conducted remotely, well, this can add to the anxiety for some. As always, the key is in the preparation. As with an in-person performance review, make sure you prepare well ahead of it. Do your self-assessment, think about your goals, and when the time comes, simply adjust to the “new normal” with a few tweaks. Besides turning your camera on, don’t be afraid of overcommunicating. State clearly what your position is during the review and what you demand/want to achieve, to make sure that everything is clear. With online communication, you want to make sure you don’t leave room for interpretation, especially on such an important topic like your career progression.

Covid battles. Rent the Runway CEO Jennifer Hyman is struggling to keep her company afloat during the pandemic.

What is UX Research? Ever wondered what a UX Researcher is, and how can you become one? This article from The Muse explores the ins and outs of the profession as well as the different paths for getting there.

Save like a pessimist, invest like an optimist. Optimism and pessimism can coexist. “If you look hard enough you’ll see them next to each other in virtually every successful company and successful career. They seem like opposites, but they work together to keep everything in balance.”

All good investing comes down to surviving an inevitable chain of short-term setbacks and disappointments in order to enjoy long-term progress and compounding.

Reselling. Europe’s largest e-commerce retailer Zalando launched a resale app for pre-owned clothing. “The lightly used clothing that has been collected, curated, quality assured and photographed by the online platform is now being sold in Germany and Spain and launching in four more countries next month.” I had no idea of this but what an interesting idea. Apparently H&M is already doing this with COS.

Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a wonderful start into the work week!

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