Weekly Reads – December 21st

This week I am off work, spending the Christmas week relaxing at home and enjoying the Christmas tree. I am also very much looking forward to opening all the gifts that have been sitting under the tree for almost a month now and my patience is running low (we did our Christmas shopping early this year). If you are still looking for gifts, have a look at the 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Her and Gift Guide for Him that I put together – there are a lot of really good ideas in there, if I may say.

Today also marks the shortest day of the year and the official start of winter. I am excited that days are getting longer again – slowly but we’ll get there in a few months – and also that we’re about to turn the page to 2021. I am quite looking forward to what the new year will bring.


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Daily walk along the canals of Berlin.

The Weekly Reads


‘I Learned to Appreciate My Husband,’ and Other Silver Linings From 2020. NY Times asked readers to name one good thing that happened in an otherwise dismal year. Here is a selection from the more than 1,500 responses. A wonderful way to end the year, recapping on what 2020 brought us. Loved reading these letters from people all around the world.

How to build more resilience. Building resilience is key for advancing your career without taking a toll on your mental health. Learning to handle stress in a healthy way, not see mistakes as failure or not seeing weakness in asking for help are all part of being resilient and allowing yourself to grow and keep moving forward.

How to work the system at work. Five tips to gain leverage on the job from NY Times.

Salary negotiation. Are you using the end of the year to interview for new jobs? If so, make sure you negotiate your pay. It can be a different experience and circumstance for everyone, but negotiating your pay and standing up for yourself is an incredibly valuable skill worth practising every chance you get. What I’ve learned from my own experience is that no matter the outcome, negotiating your pay and advocating for yourself builds you up for the future.  Some resources on the topic: here is why your salary hasn’t gone up, some tips to negotiate the salary you actually deserve or how to negotiate a job offer.

+ What I am cooking. Inspired by The Stripe’s weekend reading, I made this herb garlic naan bread from scratch and also this spicy butter chicken to go with it. Oh my goodness, what a meal! I am in awe that my first try for naan and curry chicken turned out so well. Definitely recommend it to anyone, both recipes are easy to follow even if you never attempted it.

+ What I am reading. “The ride of a lifetime” by Bob Iger, ex-CEO of Disney and responsible for the major acquisition Disney’s done such as Pixar, Marvel or Lucasfilm.  I think he is one of the greatest business leaders out there and I thoroughly enjoyed his interview with Tim Ferris; highly recommend you give it a listen.


Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a wonderful week – hopefully off work – together with your loved ones!


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