Weekly Reads – January 11th

How was the first work week of the year? Luckily, I had a good one, with a mild workload – most of my clients were still with half a leg on holidays – which means I could ease back into the rhythm gently, and I could also focus my energy on some prep work to help start the year on a good note, such as strategic yearly reviews and 2021 goal setting for my clients.

My energy levels are doing great this month – at least so far. In January, I am planning to do another perfect month on my Apple Watch and close all three rings (move, exercise and stand) every single day. I started the 30 day yoga journey Home from Yoga with Adriene at the end of December already and I am at day 17. I wanted to make sure I started the new year with some progress and it’s been a great way to move a little every single day. You can start it at any time and would definitely encourage you to give it a try if you are looking to start small and stay consistent.


Camel coat
A work outfit I don’t get to wear much lately.


Weekly Reads


Salary negotiation masterclass. Why not start the year strong with some good salary negotiation tips. Tracy Keogh, the chief human resources officer of HP Inc. shares her top tips for salary negotiation.

Negotiating a pay raise during the pandemic. Since we are talking about salary negotiation, there are some things you should consider when negotiating a pay rise during the pandemic. Just because the economic situation is generally dire, it does not mean that for you personally, a pay rise won’t work. When you both know what you bring to the table and what you want, the stars can align in your favour. Besides, keep in mind that aside from more money, there are also other things that you can ask for – a flexible timetable, a better title, high profile assignments or more responsibility.

8 pieces to banish from your wardrobe and what to wear instead. I am sure you’ve started the year with resolutions around your wardrobe. Whether it’s buying less, buying better or decluttering, this might be a good start – simply replace these 8 pieces for a more polished style.

Therapy hacks to use. If you are struggling with limiting beliefs – at work or in your personal life – applying some therapy hacks to how you look at things can be be a good starting point. Journaling or other exercises that can help with reframing these can be a game changer.

Becoming a recovering perfectionist. Loved this piece from Wit&Delight on being a recovering perfectionist and how to pursue a healthy relationships with regret and failure what still pursuing new things. Keep an eye on their site for more posts on this topic this month.

…what happens when we learn to forget the idea of perfection as an option for us. When we, instead, begin to believe that we don’t have to strive for excellence; that we can be okay with mistakes and with learning; that there’s a way to be happy in the vast, messy middle between “failure” and “perfection.” ⁠

+ What I am reading. I think by now you must have seen my 2021 reading books with 21 books to read this year. I am quite serious about my reading game and I am already at book number two. It’s also on the topic of health and educating myself about how my body works. The current read is WomanCode: Perfect Your Cycle, Amplify Your Fertility, Supercharge your Sex Drive, and Become a Power Source by Alisa Vitti. Despite somewhat esoteric book titles, this year I have quite a few books on women’s health on my list. Looking back at what I’ve learned at school, well, it’s rather limited, and I am a true believer that knowing our bodies and understanding how they function should be the norm, yet I think we are way too misinformed and there is too little talk around it.


Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a wonderful start into the work week!


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