Weekly Reads – January 18th

How was last week for you? I am still running on good January energy and am quite enjoying it. I love that I am still going strong on my 30 day yoga journey Home from Yoga with Adriene and am currently at day 24. The daily sessions are rather gentle and I often end up complementing them with a strength workout or a walk, but they are such a great way to move a little every single day. You can start it at any time and would definitely encourage you to give it a try if you are looking to start small and stay consistent. I am also thinking that once I complete it, I keep going with the daily ritual and start some other “challenge”. Let’s finish first and we will see!




Weekly Reads


The 8th continent. Wow. This was mindblowing. A prototype ocean cleaning facility by Slovak designer Lenka Petráková has scooped the highest award in an architectural competition for projects posing creative solutions to environmental challenges.

How to pull off the perfect Sunday. From wearing cosy clothes to spending quality time with your loved ones, MMLaFleur editor shares her perfect Sunday routine.

Entrepreneurship mistakes to avoid. Is 2021 the year you are taking the plunge? If so, make sure to check these 4 mistakes entrepreneurs tend to make from not doing cash flow planning to not being friends with basic accounting.

8 ways to establish healthy boundaries at work. Lately I’ve been working a lot on ensuring I set healthy boundaries at work, and for 2021 in particular, I’ve promised myself to take it up a notch. I also wrote a longer blog post on setting boundaries with yourself at work that you can read here. These eight tips from Career Contessa are a great way to start if you find yourself struggling; also watch their webinar on the topic here.

Healthy dinners. I’ve started the year on a healthy kick so I love to get inspiration on healthy meal ideas. Dinners are usually my weakest point so these 20 ideas from The Every Girl are very usefull in my book.

+ What I am reading. I think by now you must have seen my 2021 reading books with 21 books to read this year. I am quite serious about my reading game and I am already at book number three (say whaaat?). The current read is Woman: An Intimate Geography (Revised and Updated) by Natalie Anger – a mix on women’s health, biology, mythology and more – and so far I am fascinated by the writing style.


Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a wonderful start into the work week!



  1. Sounds like you got it all sorted out : ). I would love to start with yoga as I’m an absolute beginner, beginner lol, So a little bit a day will suite me just fine. I’ve also started cooking more and hopefully have kicked the habit of regular take outs. I hope you have a great week ahead : ) xo


    1. Let’s see for how long, consistency is always the tricky part 🙂 If you are looking to start with yoga, I would definitely recommend Yoga with Adriene and even this Home journey I’ve linked because it’s quite gentle and works for any level. Have a great rest of the week too!

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