Weekly Reads – February 8

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Weekly Reads! How are you holding up? February is treating me like a dream so far.  I am still high on energy and working on my career switch and if you read this post on Instagram you know that I already had my very first Product Manager interview(!). I am sure this is the first of many, but securing one so quickly really gave me a boost. Which, reminded me of something.

If you’ve been putting off a career change, a job switch, a salary increase ask, starting a side hustle, getting a degree, or whatever else it is, just start by putting yourself out there. Start with small steps or big steps. It does not matter as long as you keep moving. So just forget the doubts and put yourself out there. I promise that the energy from getting the ball rolling will fuel your journey. You just need to keep showing up.

This week I am in for a hectic schedule. Monday and Tuesday, aside from my full-time job I have also signed up for a two-day certification course that I am taking after work hours and well into the night, 23:00 to be more precise. On Monday I will also be finishing my 4-day detox that I’ve been doing (not a detox per se, more of a clean eating streak) and I am really looking forward to having my first cup of coffee. I pushed my bigger meetings into later in the week so I am hoping I can pull through the week and “balance” it nicely.

How was last week for you? Any big plans for this week?


Shoe view
My “cool” lockdown outfit. White sneakers and my new faux fur coat make me feel really good. I am this simple. 


Weekly Reads


Wombstories. I came across this video last week and thought it’s a wonderful one that everyone needs to see. Upfront, real and educational, it does a wonderful job of highlighting the physiological complexities of being a woman. Really worth watching.

Building confidence throughout your career. Career Contessa shares what you need to know about building confidence throughout the different stages of your career: “It’s normal to feel uncertain when starting something for the first time. You will level up when taking on new challenges and learn to work through fear. You will learn how to take action despite your fear and move closer to your potential.”.

Building your confidence is a process. What’s important is to develop the foundational skills you need to navigate each new situation. Though there’s no guaranteed formula for how to develop confidence, it’s important to put yourself out there and follow through, look for learning, and serve others—all of which will help you grow in your career, too.

Should I stay or should I go? This Ask a Boss episode is exposing how dysfunctional organizations can really mess up how you think and how you perceive things, similarly to how toxic relationships affect you. Just run from them.

Fancy tower for billionaires revealed to be a horrifying hellhole. It was quite interesting to see this one making the headlines last week. The Mr. and I were following – and admiring – this project ever since it was being built. Now, the residents are complaining that the $3.1bn building is falling apart due to its unreasonable height and design flaws. It’s a good reminder that regardless of the budget or the price tag, projects can’t go wrong if not managed right.

+ What I am cooking. This is a soup that promises: “…a broth that could cure the toughest cold”. I love a good soup so I am definitely adding this to my (rather short) cooking repertoire.


Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a wonderful start to the work week!


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