Weekly Reads – February 22nd

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and a great start to Monday! I definitely did. Last week though, was pretty busy at work and it took a toll on the other projects I’m juggling. I’ve also hit a bit of an energetic low when it comes to pushing forward with the career pivot I’m working on, and definitely experienced more negative thoughts than positive ones this past week. I think it’s normal not to always be on the high and probably it’s also a result of overthinking this move, but I wanted to make sure I acknowledge this, and that self-doubt thoughts and straight-on fear also haunt me from time to time.

On the bright side, we also moved into spring-like weather over the weekend and can’t believe we changed from snow to sun in just a matter of three days. How was your week? Any highlights you’d care to share?


Snowy Berlin with -10 C degrees, just under a week ago.


The Weekly Reads


How to impress your team when starting a new job remotely. Starting a new job remotely? As the pandemic keeps going and work from home is the norm, I feel like a lot of us will eventually experience remote onboarding. And if you’re new to remote work – which the majority of people are – the prospect of a virtual first week and month can bring up a lot of anxiety; I know it would definitely get me stressed out. A few tips The Muse suggests for those first weeks are: paying attention to the cultural cues and learning how to (re)act based on them and scheduling short informal “meetings” with new colleagues to make connections and humanize yourself to your colleagues.

Resume advice. I absolutely loved the advice The Muse shares regarding creating great resumes. It comes with clear examples, a lot of resources to follow, and an overall great list of tips. Highly recommended if you need to refresh your CV; I certainly just did and applied a few of their tips for updating my summary.

Getting women back to work. I really liked this article from The M-Dash. It’s no secret that the typical 9-5 (or 9-7 more realistically) job doesn’t “neatly line up with the demands and obligations of your life”. Whether you’re a mother, taking care of an elderly parent, married, or even single, the ever-increasing demands of modern work life are not going anywhere and there is a need for that to be recognized and head on tackled.

Weeknight dinners. My go-to meal these days is a lentil stew; easy to make, nutritious, and healthy. I like to spice it up with a bit of spicy chorizo and it’s a winner every single time. To be fair, I need to diversify it a little and these healthy weeknight dinner recipes are looking pretty good.

+What I am buying. With the good weather making a comeback, I am – still exclusively mentally – preparing for the running season and got new running shoes. I bought these Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit shoes and they are so pretty, can’t wait to start running outdoors.


Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a wonderful start to the week!


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