Casual office outfits inspo – Ten suits to get you into the business of wearing suits!

Casual office outfits inspiration: 10 suits to get into the business of wearing suits and that can be easily styled for work and play.

Suit up! Lately, I’ve been fascinated by the idea of wearing suits and this year, I have one big goal for my personal style. I want to get into the business of wearing suits.

I love the idea of a good suit. In my day to day work, however, I have more of a casual business attire dress code – or better said no dress code at all –  but in the spirit of dressing for the job I want, I think I can make this work.

I am not one to endlessly browse sites for online shopping, but searching for the perfect suit made me do it. Here are 10 marvellous options of suits that look amazing and can be easily styled for both work and play. They can serve for serious business as well as for more casual dress up.

1. A dusty orange blazer + pants from Arket

2. Yellow blazer + pants from COS.
I eyed the first two on @styleidealist and love them.

3. Mango blue blazer + pants

4. Mango pink blazer + pants.
I absolutely love this colour and it’s definitely in my top options.

5. Linen khaki/yellow blazer + pants.
I love the idea of a light fabric one for warmer days.

6. White Mango blazer with belt + pants.
I don’t know why but the tie belt on this one really won me over.


7. Zara collarless blazer + pants in coral.
Love the cut of the trousers and the colour.
They also have this one in blue and yellow.


8. Zara olive green blazer with belt + pants.
Again, the tie belt is really up my alley.


9. Green Zara blazer + pants


10. Sand colour blazer + pants.


What is your opinion on suits? Do you think they are a good option for casual office outfits? Do you wear them? Let me know in the comments which one is your favourite!


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  1. Pictures 7-10 didn’t load for me in any browser but that white belted blazer is speaking to my heart! I don’t think I’ve a single suit in my closet and that’s unbelievable considering I’m in FS consulting. Somehow I never saw the need but I’m loving the more edgy suits on the high street and would love to experiment with them for my casual wardrobe.

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know, Komal! Indeed, the pictures weren’t loading properly; I’ve now updated them so hopefully they load for everyone.

      There is something about that white belted blazer, right? It’s definitely won me over too and I feel like I am close to pulling the trigger – I am just a bit worried for it to be white… I also don’t have any suits but I love the colourful, and as you say, edgy cuts most brands are coming up with. They look really good & chic!

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