Weekly Reads – March 22nd

Last week was pretty busy at work and I worked quite a few late nights to finish up some projects. I also made a bit of time for studying a couple of nights and progressed with my courses. We had a peer review assignment last week and I love this about Coursera courses; they make it quite interactive and it felt really good to submit a practical assignment and then also review some of my peer’s – so fascinating to see how everyone’s take on a certain task is different, despite getting the exact same briefing/requirements.

Shoes and coffee
Spring vibes with white sneakers and a camel coat. 

The Weekly Reads

Business problems are like puzzles. Consultant Mind shares that solving business problems is like putting together a 1,000 piece puzzle. His key takeaways:

  • Don’t forget to look at the box; what is the picture we’re making? what does success look like?
  • Start with the edges of the puzzle; define the boundaries and what is in scope
  • Sort the pieces into colors, themes; what are the MECE buckets for analysis?
  • Hunt down the pieces and be crafty; refer back to you hypotheses and adapt
  • Puzzles have all the pieces included; consulting projects inevitably have some holes in the data

Step by step guide to salary negotiation. I love any good tips for salary negotiation. Career Contessa’s latest advice on how to negotiate after a job offer brings you three tips: do your research on salary standards, state your numbers, and counter after the job offer.

This year, change is not optional. Fortune shares why now is a great time for a career change. As I am navigating my own career change, I’ll have to admit that this is music to my ears.

Mentoring. Research shows that career mentoring has reciprocal benefits and is not only beneficial for mentees but it rather is a two-way street, with benefits for both sides.

A meta-analysis was conducted where the provision of career, psychosocial and role modeling mentoring support were associated with five types of subjective career outcomes for mentors: job satisfaction, organizational commitment, turnover intent, job performance, and career success.

Missed my post on tips for coaching & mentoring junior employees? Have a look at it here and also at the rich conversation in the comments section on my Instagram post. I also liked these 7 tips on how to mentor from Fortune, and I am especially taking in the last one “you can’t be who you’re not” from a multitude of lenses.

+ What to wear this spring. I have this tweed Mango jacket in black and I am obsessed with it. This season they restocked it also in dust pink and in white and they look perfect for spring. A true staple in anyone’s wardrobe if you ask me, regardless of the colour.

Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a wonderful day and week!

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