Weekly Reads – March 29th

Last week flew by for me. Monday – Wednesday I was quite busy with work while the second half of last week I was off and enjoyed the time relaxing, reading, going on bike rides and catching up with my studying. I still had a couple of days left from my 2020 holidays that I needed to take before end of Q1, so I went for it because I wasn’t going to miss out on my time & money. I have to admit that I somehow felt guilty for it and it took me some time to disconnect but in the end I enjoyed it as I should have.

Speaking of time off, I am also excited that Easter is right around the corner, and the next two weeks are going to be 4-work-day-weeks. Good to get used to, until the world will move forward and finally adopt the 4 day workweek – because we’re way past the industrial era…. I can’t wait for change and I really hope that it will happen and I get to see it.


Outfit pic tweed jacket shoes
One of my favourite outfits. 


The Weekly Reads


Mandatory zoom happy hours. I liked this questions that Ask a Manager got and the advice shared on how to navigate mandatory zoom happy hours, especially when your manager is completely lacking common sense as to how and when these events should be organized.

Feedback is a gift. Since I was talking about feedback a couple of weeks ago and how to handle constructive feedback – my advice is to always apply a good filter to the feedback received alongside a healthy dose of self-awreness –  this post from Consultant Mind on how to handle self-feedback and develop self-awareness in your team is gold.

Realistic schedules. Too much unfinished work and too little time? HBR dives into the “magical thinking” that we often fall into, that allows us to overestimate what we are able to achieve in a given day and ultimately puts us into “time debt” (overcommitted, overwhelmed, and under-resourced). The articles explores five traps that enable the magical thinking as well as tips on how to combat it e.g. saying no more often and resetting expectations but also buffering every single time estimate you give.

When we depend on magical thinking to vanquish the tyranny of the clock, we diminish our capacity to get things done. By realistically confronting our fantasies, we increase our ability to make extraordinary progress without supernatural effort.

How to handle mistakes at work. If you’ve missed it, last week I wrote a post on how to handle and recover from a mistake at work. My approach is to first take a minute and let it sink in – this enables me to gather my thoughts and switch into problem-solving mode -come up with a plan and get to action and finally communicate to all parties involved. But keep in mind here the trick is to (over)communicate but not (over)apologize. If you are in a more junior position, making sure you align the next steps with your manager/team is also key.

Beauty secrets. I love Eva Chen. She always comes across as genuine and I love following her on Instagram. This is an old interview of hers where she shares her beauty secrets and more.


Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a wonderful start to the week!




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