2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Her

git ideas from 2021 holiday gift guide for her

As tradition has it, I am coming late with the 2021 holiday gift guide for Her. While I already got all my Christmas shopping done – and even opened some of the presents already, oops! – I though it might be nice to share some easy ideas in case you still need to get something special for your loved ones, but you are felling like you are running out of ideas and of time. 

This year, we’ve toned down and set a budget for Christmas gifts in my household, so using that approach, in the 2021 holiday gift guide for Her, I thought I share some options that are easy to get, don’t break the bank and are practical for the most part.  I’ve also bough most – if not all – of these products myself, so I genuinely think they are solid options.

git ideas from 2021 holiday gift guide for her

1.Uniqlo compact ultra light down jacket. Layering has been a game changer for me this season. I am not a big fan of “traditional” layering because it adds a lot of bulk – at least one me – but since I got the ultra light jacket from Uniqlo I can’t stop wearing it under my coats. It also packs super lightly so I truly don’t understand why I didn’t get it earlier. You can go for the jacket or also the vest option. 

2. Travel size of their favorite perfume. This is a super useful gift in my opinion and you can also go for a full-sized version. The only catch here is getting the right perfume. If you were to ask me. it would be the Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt one – coincidentally, a perfect Christmas gift I received last year.

3. Pretty mugs. They make such great and inexpensive gifts for those cup-obsessed people (like myself). I have just discovered the Anthropologie mugs, and I am obsessed with everything they have to offer. I love this monogrammed one – which, surprise surprise I just got –  and I would pair it with a matching coaster. If monogram is not your thing, this one is the cutest too and there are a million more on their site.

4. Air Tag. For the tech lovers, it’s a cute gadget that theymight otherwise not get for themselves and can come really handy – especially if they tend to lose things. You can also add up a leather accessory like a key ring to make it a bigger gift.

5. A Christmas-themed candle. Who doesn’t love candles? These ones from Anthropologie are christmas-themed and come in beautiful packaging, so you don’t need to worry about wrapping it up.

6. H&M hat and scarf set. It’s cold out there, let’s face it, so why not gift soemthing that can actually warm your loved ones up. You can go for any price point here, and also mix and match. I got two sets from H&M recently, a beige scarf and hat as well as a red one. 

7. HomePod mini. Again, something rather affordable for the tech lovers. I love that they also come in a couple colourful options like yellow and orange; I’d definitely get the orange one, it’s an instant mood booster to me.

8. Lululemon half zip hoodie. I just got my first items from Lululemon, and I am obsessed. I can’t understand why it took me so long, so if your loved ones are missing out, help them a little and they will be eternally grateful. I am obsessed with this  half zip hoodie in pink but I also love their leggings.

9. Hand cream. Nothing as useful and needed during the cold season as a hand cream. Throw a luxury element to it, and to me it’s a perfect gift. The one from Chanel makes for a great gift since it’s not your usual hand cream and the packaging is beautiful. No brainer gift in my books.


I hope you found this 2021 holiday gift guide for her useful, and in case you are still running around for gifts, maybe a few of the things above serve as inspiration.

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