Running outfits inspiration that double as athleisure outfits

I am really excited about the weather warming up and getting the running season started; hence I am exicted about sharing some running outfits inspiration. I am not one to run in the cold, so I only start running once it gets warmer, usually in April – give or take a month, depending on how long it takes for the sunny days to make a regular appearance. At this stage in my life, I have to say I am a very casual runner. I usually start slow in spring and my objective is to then build up to about two or three 5-6km runs a week. The more I advance with my journey the longer the runs get. Here you can read an older post about my running journey last summer which includes a few running tips and also how I went from running 0km to finishing a 10km run.

In this post-Covid world, like many, I’ve become much more relaxed when it comes to what I wear. More often than not, I throw on a pair of leggings, a sports bra and a jacket and call it a day. I wear this type of outfit for both work from home and also for my daily walks. So no wonder I am much more into sporty outfits or athleisure outfits as some call it.

I am a bit obsessed with Lululemon right now and building the perfect outfit that takes me from my run to the coffee shop, and in the past few months I got myself a few pieces from them that give me life. I use them for my daily walks, coffee runs and now also for my (real) runs. So given my casual runner situation and athleisure outfits obsession, I thought I would take a moment and share some running outfits inspiration. Just a few cool pieces to serve you as inspiration for the upcoming running season in case you – same as me – need some motivation and are on the hunt for the perfect running outfit.


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First 5km run of the season!

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Leggings. I bought the Fast and Free tights from Lululemon a few weeks ago and I absolutely love them; I have to confess that I love using them for my daily walks because they make me feel great. Another great option are the Wunder Train leggings; though I mainly use them for super comfy work from home outfits and not running. As the weather warms up though I will most probably get back to using my Nike shorts. Last summer I got the Nike One shorts which I love, especially the reinforced high waist. I might also have my eye on this pair.

Jacket/Windbreaker.  I got two new jackets, a classic black windbreaker and an orange cropped rain jacket (both pictured above; though barely visible). The exact ones I got are no longer available on the Lululemon website, but my black windbreaker is similar to this one. I also love this pinkish one for a more fun look. Nowadays, I also wear my jackets for my daily walks when it’s warm enough. If you are like me, then this casual cargo jacket in black is a great option and would be perfect for that.

Tops. I keep it basic when it comes to my running tops. This Nike top is very similar to the one I use and I love the lightweight material. Alternatively,  the AeroSwift version also looks like a great option.

Running shoes. I am not yet upgrading my running shoes so I am still using my Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 from last year. My exact model (the colours only) was a limited edition but this one is the newest version.

Socks. Love the Nike cushioned socks whether it’s summer or winter, as they provide a little extra support during runs or workouts. In summer I wear the low sock version and in winter the long sock (which, when wore over tights are a true fashion statement on their own whether you are out for a run or to grab a coffee).

Watch band. I also like to switch up my Apple Watch bands to complete my running outfits. I love colourful ones and this Sport Loop is very summery and similar to mine. The Solo Loop in nectarine is definitely a favourite.


Here you have it, a few running outfits inspiration to get you started or keep you going through the upcoming running season, or the perfect athleisure outfit for the many coffee shop visits ahead!


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