New in My Wardrobe: 3 Items I Crossed Off My Wishlist Recently

I have to admit that lately I shopped a little. I took full advantage of the sales while in Spain, and I have to say that I (think) I bought quite a few good pieces. Now, some of them were on sales – and I think they were very good choices even though not all necessarily “needed” – while some of them were proper long term items on my wishlist that I ticked off. So I thought I’d share three of those purchases below:


Celine Sangle Bucket bag.  I desperately wanted an office bag that can fit my laptop and in turn can fit into my bike’s basket. It’s no secret I commute to the office by bike (thank you Berlin!) so having a bag that I can easily take with me, without too much fuss was a big criteria for me. I spent a lot of time browsing the shops for the perfect one, and it was difficult because guess what, luxe designers don’t seem to really care about working women. I finally settled for the Celine Sangle Bucket bag in black in the big size. I carry a 13″ MacBook Pro for work and it fits perfectly in the bag + quite a few more things such as notebook, glasses, sunglasses, mouse, wallet, water and more. I do have to say that once filled with all the daily work necessities it can get quite heavy – so the days I had to carry it from one place to another I could feel the heavyness and heftyness of the thick leather. I also love that due to its shape and look – a bit more on the understated side – it looks quite organic in the bike basket, which makes me really happy.


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Wearing my Celine bag at a Conference back in June.


Ray Ban sunglasses. I have never spent more than 20 euros on sunglasses before, and actually used a pair of Mango sunglasses that I paid exactly that for, for the last 6 years. So it was time to retire them and invest in a proper pair. It’s proven difficult to find a good pair of sunglasses that I would be happy with on my face shape, and after trying them a few times in the last year I finally settled for the hexagonal Ray Bans (officially, the model is called Hexagonal RB 3548N ) with dark green lens and golden rim – which I think is a classic shape but also a bit more fresh. I finally got mine earlier this summer while in Spain as I found a nice discount during the sales and I opted for the polarized lenses, as they help with the light glare.


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Ray Ban Sunglasses


Microbag from Coach. This one has not been specifically on my wishlist, but a microbag has been on my radar for quite some time. I almost bit the bullet with a Chloe one a few months ago, but ultimately decided against it. This one from Coach was on sale, so it was a no brainer. It is very tiny and only fits a few cards and AirPods – so it’s a cardholder on chain pretty much. But I definitely did not buy it for function, it was for fun. I couldn’t find my colour online but they currently have it in black and cream; see here.


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Coach microbag in orange.



What about you? Any exciting purchase or something you have crossed off your wishlist recently? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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