Easy Summer Outfit for Work & Fun: The Pink Suit

I wanted to share this pink suit on the blog, because it’s been bringing me so much joy to wear it this summer and I am very pleased to have added it to my wardrobe.

I got this suit at Zara during one of the visits to Spain, back in May and I did not get the chance to wear it until now. At the start of August we celebrated our anniversary, so it was the perfect occasion to wear it. I especially love the more relaxed cut and the fact that it’s made out of viscose, a material I love for summer time. Viscose is a semi-synthetic fabric that I discovered a couple of years back, and it just works great for me in summer or warmer days so I try and get my summer clothing out of viscose or lyocell whenever I can, and in addition to the classic cotton and linen options. I actually even prefer it to cotton and linen because it feel much better on the skin. To quote some article on Google, it’s “breathable and lightweight like cotton but shiny and luxurious like silk “and feels cool on the skin.

Back to the suit itself. It has a slightly oversized fit but not too much. The pants have a wide legged, jogger cut, which make them look a bit more casual but still smart and really easy to wear. I have a few other trousers with the same cut that I keep wearing this summer and I love them; they are so comfy and easy to wear yet still look chic. The blazer is also a little oversized, but again more on the relaxed sized, rather than obviously oversized, which I totally prefer for my frame.


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For the anniversary dinner, I paired the suit with a thick, black, cotton t-shirt also from Zara, and block heel sandals.


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The material is not too thin nor too thick, meaning I can get plenty of wear out of it throughout the seasons. Right now it’s 32 C degrees in Berlin, so I’m not really even able to imagine wearing a suit, but I assure you I have plans of getting more wear out of this suit, both for fun and even for work. The upside of working in tech (and in Berlin) is that you can wear pretty much whatever you want to work.


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This exact suit is not available anymore but I found the pants on Vestiaire Collective in size M (same size I wear). A very different colour, but also a really fun option is this green suit made out of viscose and lyocell with a feather detail on the sleeves: the pants and the blazer.

So tell me, what are you wearing lately and are enjoying? Or what are you excited to wear?

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