Celine Sangle Bucket Bag Review

I’ve recently added the Celine Sangle Bucket Bag to my bag collection, as the perfect work bag for my current lifestyle. I commute by bike and I needed something luxe but also practical enough to fit a laptop + other work essentials, and to also fit into my bike basket, without me worrying too much that it might scratch or lose shape. I bought it back in June and I got quite some wear out of it, so I thought it was time to do a Celine Sangle Bucket bag review.

First of all, I have to mention that I searched high and low and I spent a lot of time browsing the shops for the perfect work bag. To be honest, it was actually incredibly difficult to find a luxury bag that looks nice, has some structure to it and fits a laptop, but it’s not a classic tote bag. Through my search I came to the conclusion that luxury brands don’t seem to really care about catering to – actual – working women that need to carry a laptop with them on the daily. What frustrated me most in the process was the fact that a few other bags that were serious contenders did not fit a laptop by 1 or 2 cm usually. Anyways, there it goes, I’ve said it! Now let’s get to the chosen one and see the Celine Sangle Bucket bag review.


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The bag sports a pretty understated design. This was actually a big reason why I ended up getting it, as I didn’t want my day to day work bag to be too obnoxious. It’s made out of calfskin leather with gold (a tiny little brassy finish I’d say) metal hardware. The leather is textured and soft but still really thick and therefore feels very durable.

Due to its elegant simplicity there is not much to the interior of the bag. It has one main compartment and a flat pocket inside accompanied by another zipped pocket. On the outside, there are four flat pockets on each side of the bag, that I quite love since they come really handy if you need quick access to your metro pass or phone. You can also somewhat close the bag via a hook closure made of the same gold metal hardware (this is visible in the picture above). Additionally, the bag also comes with a thick removable shoulder strap made out of wool which makes it really easy to carry on the shoulder.

Overall, the design makes the bag extremely versatile and wearable. It fits with both more casual office looks but also dressier ones. And in my case, it looks quite organic in the bike basket when I cycle to work, which makes me really happy.


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The bag has an elegant and simple design. Here you can see the outer pockets, the thick strap and the hook closure.

What fits in it

The bag is very roomy and this was also a massive selling point for me. The most important part for me was that it needed to fit a 13″ laptop with or without a case, which it easily does. But, let me tell you, this is an impressive feat when it comes to luxury “work” bags.

I carry a 13″ MacBook Pro for work and it fits perfectly in the bag + quite a few more things such as notebook, glasses, sunglasses, mouse, wallet, water and more. I do have to say that once filled with all the daily work necessities it can get quite heavy. The days I had to carry it all day long from one place to another I could feel the heaviness and heftiness of the thick leather. However, the wide strap helps with making it more comfortable for the shoulder.

Since there is not much organization inside the bag, I use a bag insert to organise what I carry with me but most importantly to make sure the bag does not lose shape.


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The essentials that I carry to work on a day to day basics. However, it can definitely fit more.


Wear and tear

I travelled with this bag already twice. And both times it was my only bag where I was carrying essentials for an overnight stay: work laptop, beauty pouch, a few pieces of clothing and other essentials. So as you can imagine I stuffed a lot of things in it and really put it to use. I took it to work, dragged it through airports, trains and buses and it’s still pretty much in ship shape. I do have to say that I like to take care of my bags, but without taking it to an extreme. The main thing I do is I am careful with where I put my bags. So you will never see me putting my bags on the floor or on dirty surfaces, regardless of the price point of the bag.

With the wear, the leather has softened up a little compared to at the start, but nothing to affect the shape. When I don’t use it for a longer period I store it with paper inside to make sure and I also take off the strap because I find that it can bend a little at the edges

I think with more wear, the smoothed out leather edges at the opening of the bag will start to crack a little, as this is also what I’ve seen on other preloved Celine bags, so I sort of expect that to happen at some point. For now however, it has very minor signs of wear and tear.

I considered buying it preloved, unfortunately this style didn’t seem to be that popular when I needed wanted it. So I ended up purchasing it directly from Celine. You can find it here: Celine Sangle Bucket bag.


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I love that the bag is very versatile and fits with both more casual office looks but also dressier ones.


All in all I am super happy with the bag. It fits my lifestyle 100% at the moment, meaning that I can reach for it pretty much every day because it’s practical and wearable, yet it stills falls under the luxury bag category.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you found my Celine Sangle Bucket Bag Review helpful.

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