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I love a good coat and this weekend I felt inspired to browse some shops in search of the perfect coat. Last year I bought a few coats that I am really happy with, however I also have an eye on adding a couple more to my wardrobe, to complete the collection. I want to say that I have a pretty good idea as to what I want out of a coat, so I am taking my time to find the perfect one.

I’ve identified five types of coats to have in my wardrobe, that should cover all bases and use cases. Below I share a few options I found, in case they would be of help for you. Now, before I proceed, one major tip I can share and I learned the hard way is to size up in your coats or go for a more relaxed cut. It makes layering possible and comfortable, and it really is much easier to wear a coat with a relaxed cut.

The Classic Black Wool Coat

I invested in a black wool coat from Weekend MaxMara last year. The model is called Resina however it’s not sold anymore; or at least I was not able to find it online. It’s a classic coat, slightly oversized and with a belt tie, made out of 100% wool. I absolutely love it and wear it every chance I get. I am thinking of adding a similar one but more affordable, just for the sake of having it in rotation so I can prolong its life, but I am not yet fully decided. In case you are on the hunt for it too, I saw a very good option at Arket but only in the physical store, so unfortunately cannot link it.

When it comes to investing in good coats, The Curated has been on my radar for a while, but I held back so far since I could not try them on. If you are not worried that much about the fit, a good option seems to be The London coat in black from The Curated. It’s very well made and . For a more affordable option, this one from Zara looks solid with a 75% wool composition and also this one from Mango which comes in different colours and with a 50% wool composition

The Light Coat

Because I love my black wool coat so much, I also want a version in camel or bone colour. At first I was more inclined towards camel, however right now I have my mind set on a lighter version, a very clean bone colour, almost white. I even spotted the perfect coat that fits the criteria: the The London Coat in Bone from The Curated looks just perfect.

I also found a few more options in camel both on the pricier side and on the more affordable. The double-faced trench coat from The Curated in camel also looks stunning and the trench look makes it look really fresh. Also this one in camel from Mango has a good wool composition. This double-breasted wool trench coat from COS is a more unique version and this Massimo Dutti one in beige too.

The Puffer Coat

I have a Northface jacket that I got last year and I am pretty happy with it overall for deep winter days. I made the mistake of getting it a little too fitted, which is great for keeping me wamr during cold days, but I am somewhat looking at getting a more relaxed fit version of a puffer coat. I saw quite a few options in the shops, and the ones that stood out are this long version in black from Arket and this similar one from COS.

Depending on the temperature you need to bear, you can also opt for a short quilted version, which is a very popular style now. This one in black from Arket looks great and with an oversized fit, and also this one from Other Stories with the mock neck and pocket detail looks very cute.

The Faux Fur Coat

I got a faux fur coat from Mango a couple of years ago on sale and I love how cozy it is. It’s a classic version I’d say but they don’t carry it anymore and could not find a good link for a similar piece. The most similar one I could find is this one, but with a much heftier price tag compared to what I paid. However I’ve seen a newer and improved version of the faux fur coat, such as this faux shearling coat from COS which looks very fresh and edgy and I would not hesitate in getting if I did not have mine already.

The Fun Coat

I got a limited edition printed coat from Zara when in Barcelona last year from their Zara Atelier collection. It’s fun but still elegant and I definitely do not wear it in the day to day, but when I want to add a different touch to my outfit. You can opt for anything that matches your style. Maybe a bright colour, or a fun print, you choose. A couple of ideas: for a more unique look and an investment piece, I love the look of this heavy-looking plaid version from Weekend MaxMara. If you have a more casual or sporty style, I also love this short quilted jacket from Arket in white for a fun piece.

What have I missed in terms of essential coats to have in the wardrobe? What rules do you like to follow when buying new coats?

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