Holiday Gift Guide for Her 2022

Around this time of the year, I love to sit down and curate a small list of presents and this year I share that in the holiday gift guide for her 2022 edition. I love to use it as inspiration for my own Christmas shopping and also to revisit things on my wishlist. As usual, I thought it might be nice to share some of the ideas with you in case you still need to get something special for your loved ones.

This year, we’ve again set a budget for Christmas gifts in my household, so using that approach, in the 2022 holiday gift guide for her, I thought I share some options that are easy to get, don’t break the bank and are practical for the most part. As usual, they’re things that I’ve either already bought myself or that are on my wishlist, so I genuinely think they are solid options.

Holiday Gift Guide for Her 2022

1. Festive sweater. A festive/fancy sweater is a great gift option, especially because they are usually more “trendy” pieces that one would not necessarily buy for themselves. I’ve already set my eye on this diamanté fringed cropped sweater from & Other Stories and this pearl fringed cropped sweater is also a beauty. I’ll have to see, if Santa will not deliver it to me, I might need to take matters into my own hands.

2. Necklace with initial. For something a bit more fancy yet timeless and even personal, a necklace with an initial is a perfect gift. Iabsolutely love this Stone & Strand one with pearl initial via Net-a-Porter. For a more playful one, this one from Misoma is also really pretty. Since we’re talking jewelry, if a necklace is too much, I also love these diamond hoops from Mejuri that I am getting as a gift for someone close, and price is definitely very reasonable.

3. A tea set… for one. This Tea for One Set from Anthropologie makes for such a beautiful gift and it doesn’t break the bank.

4. French press coffee maker. This one is for the coffee lovers. I love to alternate how I make my coffee. For the days I am tired of using the Nespresso machine, I use my Italian mocha, but I’d love to also have a French press coffee maker. This stainless steel sleek and minimal one from Anthropologie looks just perfect.

5. Kiehl’s Hand Cream Holiday Gift Set. This one is a no brainer gift. I love Kiehl’s hand creams and I always keep one on my desk, but I wish I had a few more to leave in other places like on my desk at the office or by the bed. So don’t let your friend/mother/sister suffer like I do and get them a set.

6. UGG slippers. I’ve wanted the UGG home slippers for a long time and I truly think they make for a great gift if you are looking to splurge a little. These suoe fluffy slippers are an alternative if you look for something more affordable.

7. A Christmas themed mug … or two. I love these Christmas time in the city themed mugs and the dessert plates to match. I’m channeling my own wishlist hard here because I can never get enough of cute mugs and I truly think everyone can benefit from them.

8. Leather Gloves. Butter soft leather gloves are always a good idea and there are a ton of options out there to choose from. I particularly also like these turnlock ones from All Saints.

9. Candles. I know, I know, predictable. But fancy candles are always a great gift in my opinion, and I never ever regretted receiving nor gifting one. You can go for a classic, like Dyptyque or for a Christmas themed one. Last year we got a Holiday edition one from Anthropologie and it was so beautiful. This year they have a similar one that I’d recommend in a heartbeat.

I hope you found this 2022 holiday gift guide for her useful, and in case you are still running around for gifts, maybe a few of the things above serve as inspiration.

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