Holiday Gift Guide for Him 2022

I take my Christmas gifting duty seriously. I absolutely love gifting to my loved ones and of course, every year I spend hours doing research for getting the perfect gift(s) for the Mr. I usually end up reading through dozens of gift guides for men every year, and I always end up thinking how predictable they are and how little suitable for the modern man (who are much more comfortable with shopping online).

If the man in your life is like mine and loves to treat himself throughout the year with all kinds of small and not-so-small items, it can be challenging to pick something that he hasn’t thought of/purchased already. After a lot of searching, I would love to share a list of less standard gift ideas that are practical and will certainly upgrade his day to day. So here’s the holiday gift guide for him, 2022 edition.

Holiday Gift Guide for Him 2022

1.Tactile Turn Bolt Action Titanium pen. For the men in your life that appreciate nice things, a good pen is essential. We often overlook pens, because we write so little nowadays (at least compared to a decade ago) and expect them to cost a fortune, but having that one solid pen when you suddenly need to scribble something down brings a great feeling. This one is sleek, modern, extremely durable and does not break the bank.

2. Waterproof toiletry travel pouch. These are excellent for travelling and probably one of the most practical gifts. They’re perfect as carry-on toiletry bags – they have the right size, a transparent side for TSA checks, are durable and have a waterproof zip. The Mr. owns one for a few months already and it’s been of great help to him, especially in hotels where your toiletry bag stands inside of the shower cabin.

3. A web cam to upgrade his work from home setup. After extense research, the Logitech C920 is still one of the best camera on the market and at a reasonable pricepoint, able to handle different light environments. We both own this camera for our work from home setups and are really pleased. It’s at 50% off on Amazon now so run don’t walk.

4. Card holder. I know I moved to a card holder a while ago and it took some time for the Mr to follow too. This Polene card holder is sleek, minimal and just so easy to carry. With majority of purchases nowadays completed with Apple Pay, I find him being content with having a minimal wallet, which can also fit a few paper bills if needed.

5. A smart casual wool jacket. The Mr. got this Arket wool jacket a couple of months ago and it’s become such a strong piece in his wardrobe. He’s often travelling to client sites and when he’s not wearing a suit, this jacket is the perfect piece to dress down from a suit, yet still look classy, smart and a bit more casual. This one is similar and could be a great alternative to the Arket one linked above.

6. Laptop stand. Good posture is key and a laptop stand does so much. I recently got this one on Amazon and I love how minimal it is, plus it’s been a game changer in terms of posture. So if you want to care for the men in your life that are bound to a laptop to get things done, this one is an easy choice.

7. Face cream. Kiehl’s Facial Fuel is always in the toletry bag of the Mr. It’s lightweight (I am used to hear him complain about other face creams that completely prevent skin from breathing) and refreshing after a shave, especially on colder/dryer days.

8. Modern leather case for his iPhone. This one is a no-brainer. While protecting his phone it also adds personality and can elevate the already beautiful iPhone shapes. If he has the iPhone that uses MagSafe, make sure to find a case that has magnets to ensure MagSafe accessories attach well, and opening the door for a list of MagSafe presents in the future.

9. Titanium pocket tool. If the men in your live are into EDC (every-day carry), then some sort of pocket tool will always be a good gift idea. They are often tough to choose if you are not into it, but I know there are some clear favourites of the community that you simply cannot go wrong with. Big Idea Design is the company that produces unique tools that he will enjoy having on him all day every day. This one is a small utility blade that can help across a million applications where he needs something to be cut (from a thread on his blazer to opening shipping boxes)

I hope you found this holiday gift guide for him 2022 edition useful – or at least enjoyed it – and in case you are still running around for gifts, maybe a few of the things above served as inspiration.

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