What’s On My 2023 Wishlist

I’m starting the year in full force when it comes to wardrobe goals and sharing with you what’s on my 2023 wishlist. I’ve been big on decluttering and organizing my wardrobe last year. And as you can see, also in making wishlists. And as I am getting ready for the new year, I am going all in on this one because it’s my long-term one. I never publicly posted my long-term wishlists, but when I look back, I realize I got almost everything I wrote down. So I thought why not share an updated version and what’s on my 2023 wishlist, or for the year(s) ahead?

My main wardrobe goal for the new year is to continue to declutter and invest in a few good pieces. Last year I contained my shopping impulses quite a bit. I went a bit wild during summer sales while in Spain, but in the end, I returned quite a few things and was left with a handful of pieces that I think are quite solid additions to my wardrobe. I bought around 20 pieces in total, including a new work bag. For some it might be a lot, for some, it might be little. For me, personally, it is a pretty good number and I would think also quite sustainable long-term. However, for 2023 (and beyond) I want to be more intentional with what I buy and this way also make room for some bigger purchases.

A light-colored coat

Last year I invested in the perfect black wool coat, the Weekend Max Mara Resina coat.  And I couldn’t be happier with it. Naturally, next, I am looking to add a light-colored coat to my wardrobe. I have been eyeing  The Curated London Coat in bone, however, I am also considering hunting down another coat from Weekend Max Mara since I am really happy with the quality and the fit.

Chanel cap-toe slingback shoes

I love the look of the Chanel cap-toe slingbacks. That makes me and 5,765,789 other Instagrammers. I know, I know, quite a cliche but a girl can dream. Or better said, a girl can create a wishlist and get to work. I like the classic version with heel and in beige/black the most. Recently I also tried the flat ones in tweed and my heart melted. I feel like I definitely would add both a heeled and a flat version to my wardrobe. There’s definitely space for both in my heart. Or at least as long as I can squeeze them into the budget.

Screenshot 2022-04-18 at 14.19.03

Screenshot 2022-04-18 at 14.18.54

A(nother) work bag

I’ve recently added the big Celine Sangle Bucket bag to my collection, as the perfect work bag for my current lifestyle. I commute by bike and I needed something luxe but also practical enough to fit a laptop + other work essentials and to also fit into my bike basket, without me worrying too much that it might scratch, lose shape etc… And the Celine Sangle bag is just perfect for that. I carry a 13″ MacBook Pro for work and it fits perfectly in the bag + quite a few more things. However, I do still feel a gap in my work bag collection. A need for something a little more structured and perhaps more fun. So my eyes and heart are still open to new possibilities.

The next (work) bag on my wishlist is a beautiful structured bag that I can wear to the office and adore for years to come. The issue is that I am conflicted. I have a few options that I am considering and making the decision feels very hard. Additionally, the fact that some of them do not fit a laptop, means I will most likely need to have a trade-off in the choice. I have been eyeing the Celine Luggage Tote for the longest time and this one is a strong contender.  However, the weight is a problem as it can get quite heavy once filled. Additionally, I am also looking at the Celine Belt Bag,  the YSL Sac du Jour (neither fits a 13″ MacBook) and the Prada Galleria Tote.

A small bag

Since we’re talking bags, there is room for another one on my wishlist. I’d love to add another small bag into rotation. When it comes to bags, it’s really difficult to make a choice, however, right now, the favorite is the Celine Belt Bag in Nano size. I’ve tried it a few times and it’s a beauty. Besides, the leather feels quite durable and it’s got a practical size. It’s small enough but still roomy – and with a very versatile and modern yet classic look. I’d love to get this one pre-loved, but I’ve been actively searching and hunting for a food one for the last 6ish months and nothing popped up yet, so we will have to see.

Nano Belt bag in grained calfskin - Grey - ROTATION BELT BAG - 1 | CELINE

Classic loafers

While in Paris back in November, I finally tried these classic Prada loafers and I was instantly smitten with them. Naturally, I immediately added them to my wishlist. The rather masculine look of the loafer creates the perfect contrast and I can see myself wearing them. Speaking of loafers I have to say I’ve also had my eye on the Chanel turn lock loafers, but they are extremely difficult to get by now and also much more pricey.

Prada Chocolate Mokassins aus gebürstetem Leder 1

Dyson Airwrap

I have the Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener already, and I’ll be honest, I don’t use it that much. I definitely don’t do my hair when working from home. As for the times I go to the office I am usually in a rush to make it on time for my first meeting. So definitely no time for my hair. However, I do struggle with giving volume to my hair so I think the Airwrap would be a good choice, but honestly, I am still on the fence because at this stage in life I am way too lazy to spend too much time doing my hair.

The Perfect Pair of Dark Grey Jeans

For me, dark jeans are the ultimate wardrobe piece. You can wear them to the office and dress them up; you can wear them for a casual stroll and also glam them up for dinner dates. I usually go for pure black and lately, I am quite into the washed-out black/dark grey version. Normally, I resort to Zara’s high-waisted black jeans. But, I do have to say they typically only last me about 2 years before they start ripping. I don’t know yet which pair I will end up getting but if you have any recommendations, feel free to drop them below. I read a lot of good things about Agolde denim and this pair looks pretty good.

Riley High Rise Straight Crop (Stretch) jean Century front

Oran Sandals

These have been on my wishlist for a while. However, I am not yet too sure about the Hermes Oran sandals as I’ve tried them once in the store and was not fully convinced about the fit on my (wider) feet, however, I’m pretty drawn to adding these timeless sandals to my wardrobe. I am planning to try them on a couple more times and then make a decision.

View: Worn, Oran sandal

Gucci Horsebit Leather belt

I know the craze of belts has passed, but I wanted to add a timeless (no logo) one to my wardrobe to easily mix and match. A while back I saw this Gucci one a while back and I thought it’s perfect and quite understated, and would work wonders for some of my outfits. I also saw an alternative from Arket but quite honestly for the price difference, the real deal seems better.

Classic black blazer

I have some black jackets and blazers but not a classic one. So I am thinking of adding a classic black blazer to last me for years. Right now, I have my eye set on something a bit more masculine but not too much, something with a relaxed yet structured look like the Emma Hill x The Curated one. I’ve also seen a nice, wool blazer from Max Mara recently, but need to still research it a bit more before I can make a decision.

Lotion P50 from Biologique Recherche

I have heard wonders about this one and since I struggle a lot with blackheads I thought it might be a good idea to give it a try. Nowadays I don’t spend much on skincare.  I have a few favorite products from Kiehl’s and The Ordinary and refill those whenever I run out. This means I definitely have space for a splurge or two in this area.

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 - ELITE KOSMETIK

Nightire Pyjama Set

Been wanting to try out the Nightire pyjamas for a while and a couple of years later, they’re still on my wishlist. They’re made out of bamboo material and are thermo-regulating, hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, and just very pretty overall.

Bamboo Long Sleepwear Set

As always, thanks for making it so far and reading through what’s on my 2023 wishlist. I’m curious to know, what about you, what’s on your wishlist that you care to share?


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