Thoughts on Shopping + What’s New in My Wardrobe

In this post, I wanted to talk about what’s new in my wardrobe. And really having a look at the things I’ve recently crossed off my wishlist. As I started writing about it though, I noticed I started going on a mini rant. So, in addition to what’s new in my wardrobe, below you can also read some of my thoughts on shopping. An insider view into my shopping habits lately, my thoughts, and aspirations.

Unboxings piling up. 🙈

Some thoughts and musings on shopping

With Q1 coming to an end, I wanted to do a recap of what I bought this quarter. Before that, I want to say that I realized that the wish list I put together at the start of the year and shared in this post served as a solid roadmap, guided my shopping and kept me on track. This year to date, more than ever, I’ve come really close to shopping based on what I see as my ideal shopping habits. In the last few years, I’ve set goals of “buying less and better”. And slowly, but steadily, I think it’s becoming more of a reality. Another goal of mine is to shop more pre-loved. This is something I’ve done very little of in the past. While this is an area that requires a bit more work, I am also slowly progressing in this direction. If I were to articulate my vision, it would be somewhere along these lines. Buy less, and buy better but still have fun and indulge myself. All this, while being more conscious about my consumption and participating in the circular fashion.

While I don’t talk about it often, I’ve realized I’ve taken small and slow steps toward buying less in the last few years. Now, the fact that a lot of the items I want to buy are on the more expensive side of things kind of also helps. Since I can’t possibly fit it all in the budget all at once and also save. Contrary to my expectation – that one day I’d turn the switch and I’d do a massive decluttering and start to shop less and better immediately after – I realized it was more of a long-term process with ups and downs, like everything. And I am definitely not even there yet, but I like to think I am on the right path.

Now, I am not a saint. I still buy, and will continue to buy pieces from high street stores. For example, I still like to indulge myself in sales shopping once a year at stores like Zara, Massimo Dutti or Mango, especially if I happen to be in Spain because the style is a bit different. And it’s also an experience for me, a memory from my early years, that I am fond of re-creating every now and then. But even there I try to not buy too much, buy better fabrics and pieces that can last me a long time. Last year’s sales shopping was a really good example of that. I ended up buying somewhere around 5-7 pieces and good fabrics that work for me such as linen or viscose.

A little something in my very first orange box 🍊

Anyways, with all of that said, let’s have a look at what’s new in my wardrobe, and the things I’ve recently crossed off my wishlist. While it’s been very few items acquired this year, it feels like I’ve been working pretty aggressively through my wishlist. There were a few things that I felt ready to pull the trigger on. And so, I focused exclusively on that and on cutting all the other noise. Something that I have to admit feels quite good.

Chanel Slingback Cap-Toe Shoes

In January I got myself the Chanel two-tone slingback shoes. These were actually a gift from myself for my 30th birthday. Because of that I don’t consider them exactly part of my regular shopping this year. However, practically and in reality they are. They have been on my wishlist for years. So I thought what better way to celebrate 30 than with a nice, well-earned gift.

I cannot wait for warmer weather and wearing them. Though, first I’m planning to research how to care for them properly too since I’d love to put protection on the leather sole to extend their life. Nonetheless, I am super excited to have added them to my wardrobe. I cannot wait to wear them for years to come.

Winter Puffer Coat

I wanted to upgrade my winter jacket for a while, and get something to last me through the long Berlin winters. When we were in Iceland, for my surprise birthday trip, I thought there’s no better place to buy a weatherproof jacket than in Iceland. So I shopped at a local brand called North66 – a sort of local version of The North Face. I opted for the Askja puffer coat model. And I have to say, I love how puffy, warm, and roomy it is, thanks to the more relaxed fit. To me, it’s really well-made and designed. It’s made out of down feathers with a light/medium water-resistant coating and a two-way zipper so that I can also comfortably bike in it. Best of all is that I was able to take advantage of tax-free shopping. This is a first for me, and it slashed about 100 euros off the final price too.

Hermes Oran Sandals

The Hermes Oran sandals were on my wishlist for quite some time. I tried them a good few times in the last 1-2 years but was not fully convinced they would work well on my wider feet. After a few additional tryouts though and trying them without the silk socks, I was able to gauge the fit and size much better and realized they would actually be comfortable. Very, very excited that I added them to my wardrobe and cannot wait to wear them in summer.

Zara Limited Edition Skirt Replacement

Not so much an item on my wishlist but more of a replacement that I am really excited about. I have finally replaced my beloved Zara limited edition pleated skirt that I ripped last autumn while on the bike. Technically, I don’t count it as something on my wishlist that I bought myself, since I asked my sister to buy it on Vinted in Spain. New with tags ended costing 25 euros compared to 70 euros retail price. I had also bought mine on sale for 25 euros, so that’s even. With the quality of the fabric and the cut though, it’s more than worth its original price tag and more. I cannot wait to visit soon, and pick it up and have it as part of my wardrobe again.

The one that got away

I have been low-key obsessing about buying some of the designer items (but not only) pre-loved this year. Looking at the retail vs. pre-loved market prices, one item where I saw significant savings and good listings with gentle wear quite consistently, were the Prada Chocolate loafers. I have been checking Vinted and Vestiaire Collective since November when I first set my eyes on them. As you can imagine though, I constantly hesitated to pull the trigger.

When I finally caved in and bought them, about 15 minutes after placing the order I chickened out and canceled. I did it for fear they weren’t the real deal, even though everything looked alright. The reason for the doubt was the fact that they didn’t come with the box. So, I didn’t feel like risking it. 🙈 I am still on the hunt for these though, so I am hoping for my next pre-loved purchase I will be braver and follow through.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on shopping as well as the sneak peek as to what’s new in my wardrobe. I’m really curious, what have you recently crossed off your wishlist or planning to soon?


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