Desk Diaries: Home Office Desk Setup Tour

I am super excited to do a home office desk setup tour. Nowadays I work mostly from home. My company has a hybrid work policy, albeit a very relaxed one. I am required to go to the office 2-3 times a month, but that’s not enforced tightly. However, I like being in the office and also meeting my team in person. So I try and make it at least once a week. Sometimes I don’t go at all, and sometimes I might go even twice a week if I have in-person workshops, but the rule I try to follow is once a week. Given that I am in my home office most of the time, it’s crucial to have a good desk setup at home. For me, setting up a home office wasn’t a result of the pandemic and the sudden work-from-home policy adopted by everyone. Luckily, I already had a home office desk setup long before that, thanks to studying while working full time and also loving to write on the blog on the weekends. So I always wanted to have a little corner where I can be productive. You can even check out the first version of my home office here. Over the years, my desk setup has evolved quite a bit, and now I am extremely happy with it. It has become much more ergonomic – something that is more and more important for me. I would also say that by now it includes all the accessories I need for it to feel pretty but also productive.

So come with me for a home office desk setup tour and see the must-have items for me.

Standing Desk & Chair

I upgraded to a standing desk already almost 2 years ago. With work from home becoming the norm rather than the exception, it felt necessary to invest in a standing desk. The price tag felt hefty at the time, but I am so happy I did the change sooner rather than later. Having a standing desk has helped with my posture and I try to spend a few hours standing every day, especially when it comes to meetings. Where did I get it from you ask? My standing desk is from IKEA, the BEKANT model, and so is the chair – the LOBERGET model. I love the minimal look of both the desk and the chair and I couldn’t be happier with them.

My home office desk setup and decor.

Computer, Monitor & Co

Not too much to say here. For work, I use a 13″ Macbook Pro alongside a Dell monitor – the UltraSharp U2721DE 27″ display. Both are from work and I am really happy with both. I love the sleek look of the display and the fact I only need to use a single cable both to connect my laptop to it and also to charge it. Definitely minimizes my cable situation. I also added a webcam to my display to help with the ergonomics of the setup and. This way I can look straight into the camera instead of turning to the side to my laptop camera. I got the Logitech C920 which is still one of the best cameras on the market and at a reasonable pricepoint.

Laptop stand. I wasn’t a fan of laptop stands for the longest time. They always seemed clunky and cluttered the desk. However, I struggle with keeping a good posture and with back/neck pain, so I try to make it as easy for myself as possible. And believe it or not, I realized that a laptop stand does so much for it. I recently got this one on Amazon and I truly love how minimal it is. If you are using your laptop screen, I urge you to also get a laptop stand to bring your screen to eye level.

Desk mat. I got a grey felt mat to protect the desk and I love it. It adds an element of organization to the desk and also of cuteness. The plus side is that I don’t need an additional mouse pad. Here is a similar one to mine.

Keyboard and Mouse. I got both from Logitech a while back. The keyboard is the Logitech MX Keys Plus that comes with the wrist rest. The mouse is the MX Master 2S. They’re the ones I use for work, and they’re both in dark gray. On the weekend I usually switch my laptop, keyboard, and mouse to my personal ones. I prefer them to do some blog work and personal planning. For that, I use my personal Macbook Pro and an Apple keyboard and mouse.

Desk Accessories

I love to also keep a few accessories on my desk. Books, notebooks, candles, and some decorative elements. I do switch them up every now and then, but currently, this is what’s on my desk:

Books. I love to keep a few work and productivity books on my desk to keep me inspired. Some of the titles you can find on my desk right now are: “Atomic Habits” by James Clear (currently reading it), and the two bibles of Product Management, “Empowered” and “Inspired” by Marty Cagan, plus a few others.

Accessories. I have a few items on my desk that serve thesole purpose of making my desk cute. AMong them, I have a golden tray to put all the small biths. I got mine from H&M a few years ago but this one is quite similar. I also love to keep one or two nice candles on my desk to set the mood when I need it. Right now I am obsessed with the Dyptyque Mimosa candle, and I also have an old Anthropologie one. Aside from that, I also keep a hand cream, and some other small things like lip balms, lipsticks and co.

Notebook – I keep a couple of notebooks on my desk, for both personal to do’s and professional ones. I love the classic Moleskine soft cover notebook. Sometimes I switch it up and use a small one to manage my to do list, depending on how I feel.

Some of the desk accessories.

Closing thoughts

Before I close this, I will say that you don’t need a whole lot of space or even an individual office room to make it work. My house is quite small – it’s a studio – and both the Mr. and I work from home and have our own desk setups. In fact, we are desk buddies, so our desks are side by side. Even though we both have a lot of calls we make it work and each adjusted our desks to our own liking. Just having a desk and decorating it to your liking, I think that does the job. I try to make it a space where I can feel inspired and enjoy sitting (or standing) at. All in all, I absolutely love this little space and the little upgrades it went through over the last few years, and it brings me so much joy every single day. 👩🏼‍💻🤍

I hope you enjoyed the home office desk setup tour. Now, I’m curious to know, what are your desk essentials. Do you prefer your home office desk or your actual office desk? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to know!

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