Fall Staples In My Wardrobe & On My Wishlist

It’s time for sharing fall wislist, but this time around I wanted to share the fall staples in my wardrobe and alongside just a few items on my wishlist. I’ve accumulated quite a few staples in my wardrobe over the last few years, and many of them I actually wear all year round. If you follow me on Instagram you will see that I often repeat my favorite staple pieces and even full outfits. So this list actually contains some of my most beloved pieces that I wear on repeat (some of them all year long, depending on the weather).

I love all of these core pieces that help me put together outfits in an instant and I’m super excited to share the fall staples in my wardrobe & on my wishlist. I also have a few upgrades on my wishlist for pieces that I bought at the high street shops and could use a refresh. So you will also see those sprinkled through the post.

Fall Staples In My Wardrobe & On My Wishlist

Let’s get going through the fall staples in my wardrobe & alongside them, a few items on my wishlist:

An easy to wear, neutral and very soft cardigan from M. Dutti.

Structured knit cardigan. Last year I got a dark blue knit cardigan at Massimo Dutti that I love wearing. It has gold snap buttons and it’s super soft, yet has quite a structured look, almost like a jacket or blazer. The one I got is not available to link anymore, butthis Sezane cardigan is quite similar and also comes in a lot of colours and even a couple of different styles. I’d definitely love to add one or two more to my wardrobe at some point.

This beauty of a cardigan from M.Dutti is quickly becoming a core piece in my wardrobe.

Striped knit cardigan. I got the beautiful sold-out Massimo Dutti striped cardigan preloved onVinted and it’s one of my favourite purchases this year. It’s a killer piece for autumn – but really works all year round – either to wear as a little jacket by itself or under a coat, depending on the weather. I bought mine in August and wore it for both cold summer days and also now in autumn. I love it for the office or whenever I want to feel put together with minimal effort. You can still find it on Vinted, though prices vary a lot, with some at double the retail price. If you are patient you should still find it at retail price or under like this one.

This classic Ba&sh jacket is on my wishlist

The little black jacket. The Bash boucle jacket is definitely on my wishlist at some point, but until then I am wearing a very similar one I got from Mango about 3 years ago. It’s a great basic that elevates any outfit and that I love wearing pretty much across seasons. The exact one I got is no longer available, but this one from Mango is very similar. Definitely a strong piece to have in the wardrobe for important meetings and office days, but also just casual outings.

A soft cashmere jumper is a must have in every wardrobe, such as the Uniqlo one.

Cashmere jumper. I got a basic black cashmere jumper at Uniqlo about 4 years ago, and it’s one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe. I wear it almost all year round (works like a charm even for fresh Berlin summer days) and it’s a classic easy-to-wear piece with any kind of outfit. For the current season, I hear grey is all the rage, so that’s also a colour on my wishlist. COS also has nice – though pricier – cashmere jumpers, like this one. I also like to mix in wool turtlenecks, and this oversized one from COS looks like a great basic.

The beautiful Chanel quilted ballerinas are a dream come true thanks to snatching them on the preloved market.

Ballet flats. I recently added a pair of classic ballet flats to my wardrobe and I am obsessed. I managed to snatch a pair of Chanel quilted black flats off Vinted in mint condition and at half the price. If you want to know more about it, I wrote a very thorough review about them that you can read more about here. I’ve been elevating some of my fall outfits with these ballet flats and they are quickly becoming a staple. Of course, I do have the two-toned version in beige and black on my wishlist too.

The Chanel quilted loafers that stole my heart.

Classic black loafers. I love a good loafer and this year I got the beautiful Chanel quilted loafers that I love wearing with any occasion that the weather allows. They are exteremely versatile and I pair them with both trousers and skirts and they are such a cool statement piece. Need to pinch myself every time I wear them, because I didn’t think I’d ever get my hands on them. For a similar vibe, I also love the look of this Uniqlo pair and the COS one.

My favorite everyday shoe for the past two years.

Sneakers. The Mr is my sneakers dealer and always finds me some cool new kicks to wear, which I love. Also, in this post-Covid world, by now I am a sneakers gal through and through. I wear them for probably 70-80% of my outings regardless if it’s for errands, work, or else. My sneaker of choice for the past couple of years has been the Nike Waffle One with pastel accents. I pair them with everything from jeans to skirts and more formal trousers, and you will see them in most of my outfits. I do have one new pair on my wishlist, which is the Phoenix Waffle sneaker in University Gold.

This striped turtleneck is all I reach for when in a rush.

Structured turtleneck. I love wearing turtlenecks in the cold season and I already have a couple made out of wool. However, I had been eyeing a more structured knit type with a mock neck for a while. I love this mock neck turtleneck from H&M. I literally have been wearing it non-stop since getting it in September. For work, weekend coffee runs, and everything else in between. I like that it’s structured enough yet feels pretty lightweight. This makes it very easy to wear for a full day at work, running errands, and so on.

If you want a heavier, wool sweater, then this COS one also looks like a classic item to have in your wardrobe. I also love the one-shoulder button detail. Alternatively this Arket one also looks very cosy and the asymmetric neck detail looks very chic. Lastly, if you want a fitted look, then this Uniqlo turtleneck is also a great basic to have in your wardrobe.

The most recent piece in my wardrobe si this Other Stories coat.

A light wool coat. This one is technically a winter item but autumn in Berlin can be tricky – to be read cold – so better to be prepared. I recently got this wool coat from & Other Stories in sand colour. It’s 70% wool and I got it with a 25% discount so I am pretty pleased with it. I love the colour, and the cut is also relaxed enough for me to fit a couple of layers underneath yet still chic looking so I can feel put together with minimal effort. I have been wearing it countless times already, and I love that it elevates any and every outfit. This coat from COS is a darker shade but also looks like a great option and it gives me all the luxurious vibes.

The Resina coat is a true staple in my wardrobe.

The black wool coat. Of course, my main coat which I bring into rotation every cold season is still a classic black wool coat. I have the Weekend Max Mara Resina coat that I got a couple of years back. It’s a core piece in my wardrobe and I am absolutely in love with it. I would totally recommend it as a great option if you want to splurge a little on a coat that feels luxurious and is very well made, without totally breaking the bank. Do size down if you purchase it as it runs big and it’s an oversized cut. This one from & Other Stories is also a great option and in 100% wool. ALternatively, this one from COS looks very luxurious as well.

The short trench coat is an easy to wear and versatile piece.

The short trench coat. Last spring I got a short, cotton blend trench in olive at Massimo Dutti. It’s no longer in stock and I can’t seem to find one in a similar colour to link. However, this one is similar in style and also this one has a nice twist with the zipper, both from Massimo Dutti, though they are in classic beige. I also think this beige one from Arket is a great classic piece. I love wearing the one I have in between seasons, though I will say that Berlin has very little in-between weather. Nevertheless, I did wear it a bunch both in spring and now in autumn, and I love pairing it with different outfits.

I love a good knit dress.

Midi knit dress. I love a good midi dress, and even more if it’s a knit one. In summer I got one from & Other Stories that’s unfortunately no longer in stock but that I love wearing. It’s short-sleeved and since it’s knitted, it works for most seasons if well accessorized. I also love this navy one with no sleeves from COS that I tried on a couple of months ago and have on my wishlist. Also this knit long-sleeve version from & Other Stories is very similar to mine.

Nothing can beat a good grey jean.

The grey jeans. Grey jeans have been a stale in my ardrobe for a few years, and every few years I refresh them. The latest pair I got is a straight leg grey jean from & Other Stories in summer, and they’re my go to piece now. This pair is very similar to the ones I got and they maek for a great basic. I also have had the Everlane jeans on my wishlist for a while, but honestly, buying jeans online is still a no-no for me. In terms of bottoms, I switch between these jeans and the classic Zara high waisted black trousers, and that’s pretty much what I wear as bottoms.

This Arket slip skirt is most probably the piece I wore the most in the last year and a half.

Slip skirt. This one has been a staple in my wardrobe ever since I got it last summer. It’s an all-year-rounder for me. I wear it a lot in summer, but also in the other seasons. Works great for all occasions, from going on holiday to going to the office or for coffee runs. I got mine from Arket and luckily they still have it in stock. Since I am wearing it so much, I am actually thinking of getting a light version. I have my eyes set on the same one in beige, or a longer version also in light colour, both from Arket.

This limited edition zara skirt is a favorite preloved score from this year.

Pleated skirt. I love a good pleated skirt and I truly think I found the perfect one. It’s a limited edition skirt from Zara that I first got while in Spain, last summer. If you follow me you will know I got into a bike accident and ripped the skirt. I was devastated when that happened. Luckily, I found it again on Vinted in Spain earlier this year and asked my sister to get it for me. It’s an incredibly well-made piece. The fabric is thick and heavy and it feels like a luxury piece. If no further bike accidents, I am sure I will love wearing it for many years to come. I cannot find mine anymore available though it sometimes pops up on Vinted. For a similar style, this one from Adolfo Dominguez looks beautiful.

Polene is a brand that I would love to add to my wardrobe.

Tote bag. There is something about a tote bag that gives me all the fall vibes. And I have had two medium-priced totes on my wishlist for a while. First is the Polene Cyme bag. I love that it has both short and long handles, adjustable shape and it fits a laptop. Plus it’s just so versatile and easy to wear. Second, I also love the Cuyana Easy Tote. The leather looks so soft and love the more slouchy vibe. On top of that, you can also get matching accessories and I would love a matching laptop case. Until then though, I am wearing my trusty Celine Sangle Tote which is my designated office bag for the last year and a half.

The Loewe Puzzle Bag of my dreams.

Small bag. My beloved Loewe puzzle bag is my trusty companion these days. I’ve been totally smitten with it since getting it in summer and wearing it non-stop. I love the edgier vibe it gives to my outfits. It also works great with more sportier and casual outfits but also more elegant ones. I love it so much that I would love to get it in black too. But that wouldn’t be reasonable, would it now?

That’s it, these are the fall staples in my wardrobe. They are the pieces I reach for the most and that resort to for building outfits that make me feel good and are also easy to wear and to put together. I am curious to know, what are some of the staples in your wardrobe for this season? What about the pieces on your wishlist?


  1. I loved this post so much that I just had to add to my wardrobe the knitted dress from & Other Stories (found the original one). Love it 🥰! It was such a good suggestion. And I already have my eyes 👀 on the Polene tote bag.

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