Holiday Gift Guide for Him – 2023 Edition

I enjoy putting together this post every year. So I’m very excited to be sharing the Holiday Gift Guide for Him 2023 edition. In our household we are careful with what we buy. That’s not to say we don’t buy much, we do. But we try to buy high quality items that would last us a long time. When it comes to holiday gifting, our approach is no different. Regardless of the budget we set for Christmas presents we try to go for items our loved ones will love and appreciate in terms of craftsmanship, practicality and quality, depending on the item.

I say it every year, but I really take my Christmas gifting duty seriously. I absolutely love gifting to my loved ones. Of course, every year I spend hours doing research for getting the perfect gifts for the Mr. However, if the man in your life is like mine and loves to treat himself throughout the year with all kinds of small and not-so-small items, it can be challenging to pick something that he hasn’t thought of/purchased already.

After a lot of searching, I would love to share a list of gift ideas that are practical and will certainly upgrade his day-to-day. So here’s the holiday gift guide for him, 2023 edition.

Holiday Gift Guide for Him 2023

1. A solid perfume. I love the idea of a solid perfume. It’s a little more unique, yet extremely practical since it can be carried on the go or for travelling without too much fuss. We love Diptyque in our household, and their scents are unique. The Mr loves the Philosykos scent, which is light and fresh – with fig, wood and cedar tones – but also Orpheon smells divine – with its cedar, jasmine and juniper berries notes. Regardless of the scent you pick or the brand, a solid perfume can be a great gift idea,.

2. Marcus Aurelius Meditations book. For the stoic man in your life, why not gift him the revered Roman Emperor’s writings to delve into his thought process. Even if Stoicism is a new topic for him, it’s a worthy read that provides valuable insights (that I also have on my reading list). There is also plenty of special edition covers to choose from. I love this hardcover edition that I saw in a bookshop recently, which can also be found on Amazon.

3. A casual sweater or cardigan. Cardigans are all the rage in women’s fashion currently. Bbut who says they don’t also look great on men and help them achieve a tad more sophisticated outfit. This cardigan from Carhartt with a Paisley jacquard motif or this Alpaca mix one from Lululemon are great pieces that can be worn casually but also for those cozy work-from-home days.

4. A key case. Leather goods are such great gifts. And even more when they’re from brands that stand very proudly behind their products’ craftsmanship and quality. That’s why I am including a couple of them. This foldable key case from Hardgraft is gorgeous and can work for both house and car keys. This other one is also looking very nice and it’s such an easy gift. If a key holder is not on his wishlist, do browse their website as they have many other beautiful products.

5. A Kindle reader. If the man in your life is into reading or wants to get into it, gifting a Kindle can be a great option. I can recommend the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition (which by the way I myself got as a birthday gift a couple of years ago and I love it). Add a leather cover in the mix for a complete gift set and you’re done. I have both and am a big fan.

6. A portable Bluetooth speaker. A man can never have too many speakers I hear. There are a lot of options out there, but a portable one to use for travels, during home office, while showering or else is a must have. This baby JBL Go 3 speaker is a great gift, extremely practical and also affordable.

7. A pocket knife. Both the Mr and I carry a tiny pocket knife on our keys, and they’re great multitools to have on hand. Perfect to open a package, cut or file a broken nail when you least expect it (served me a bunch of times!). The Victorinox Classic Alox Pocket Knife also comes in a variety of colours and styles so there’s plenty to choose from. A small, affordable gift that is very practical and cute and does not break the bank.

8. Hermes tie. If you want to mark this Christmas with something special and spoil him a little, then why not get him an Hermes silk tie. It’s a timeless piece to have in the wardrobe for business meetings, conferences or special occasions. They’re also a tad playful and there’s a lot of colours and patterns to choose from. It will also probably last him a lifetime, so it can make for a great fit.

9. A travel wallet or passport holder. If your man travels quite a bit for work – or even if he doesn’t but you want him to travel in style when you go on vacation and city breaks together – then a travel wallet is a great idea. This beautiful leather travel wallet from Cafe Leather is a beauty. Alternatively, this one from Hardgraft looks like a great piece, as well as this fast track version.

Thank you for reading and I hope you found this holiday gift guide for him, 2023 edition useful – or at least enjoyed it – and hopefully a few of the things above served as inspiration.

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