Favourite Pieces I Shopped For This Year

I am quite excited to look back at what I shopped this year and what my favourite pieces have been. It was an eventful year in terms of shopping. A little too eventful I might add. I started the year really strong, buying very few pieces and following my wishlist very tightly. Somewhere around mid-year however, I started loosening up on the shopping a bit, especially at the high street stores, followed then by a few more investment pieces in the second half of the year. For my standards, this year I shopped a lot, and to be honest when I check my Excel tracker, I definitely stretched my budget too. Despite that, I still managed to shop quite intentionally for the most part and pick items pretty wisely and that should serve me for years to come.

With that said, looking back at how I shopped this past year, I did a few things right, and a few not that right, so below are a few highlights and lowlights in terms of shopping.

A few things I like about how I shopped this year:

  • For big purchases, I shopped exclusively off my wishlist, and even for high street items I was quite intentional, which I am very proud of. I didn’t shop for any “trendy” or “flashy” items. On the flipside I might have tackled that wishlist a little too well (#overachiever).
  • I shopped mainly for natural fibers and materials. Leather accessories and shoes, linen dresses, cotton and cashmere sweaters, etc… I of course also made a few mistakes but overall I tried to follow this rule when shopping from both the high street stores but also preloved.
  • I bought quite a few pieces second-hand. This one makes me very proud, because this was a big goal of mine this year (though one I did not dare speak loudly since I found it very challenging to buy well second hand). Some of my favourite pieces from this year were bought preloved and I love them even more because of that.

A few things I am not that proud of or could have done better:

  • I mentioned this already, and truth is I spent a lot this year on clothes, bags and shoes. It was a bit more than usual, however I tackled some major wishlist items that I am very happy with and that are to be wardrobe staples for many years to come.
  • I still shopped quite a few pieces at high street stores, a bit too many for my liking. I’ve gained a few kilos in the past year so in summer I went on a bit of a shopping spree to find some clothes that would fit my body in a way I liked it. I mainly shopped at & Other Stories and COS, which have a tad more elevated pieces and tried to pick versatile pieces and in natural fabrics mostly.
  • Linked a bit to point no. one above, I did not take advantage of sales times almost at all this year, and I think I could have been a bit more strategic there, especially for the items I shopped at the high street stores. That summer haul I did was a tad emotional and in hindsight I could have gotten some pieces on sale if I waited a little longer.

Now, let’s finally have a look at the most awaited list, and see my favourite pieces I shopped for this year.

Favourite Pieces I Shopped For This Year

Hermes Oran slides. I wanted to get the Oran sandals for a while and after a lot of back and forth I finally bit the bullet early in the year while it was too cold to wear them. I finally started to wear them once summer arrived in Berlin, and even though it took me a while to break them in, once I did, I loved how they dressed up my summer outfits. I’d love to get them in black too but we’re not here to talk about wishlists, are we?

Other Stories beige wool coat. Ever since I got my black wool winter coat from Weekend Max Mara, I wanted to get a light version too. I could not find the perfect one for a long time and finally caved in with this one from & Other Stories. I love the colour and the fit and even though there are a couple of things I’d change about it – it does not have an inner lining and it’s only 70% wool – I already got a lot of wear from it and I love how it complements my winter outfits.

Loewe puzzle bag. This one has to be my most worn, most loved item of the year. Although realistically, there’s tight competition in the list. I knew I wanted to get a small, casual bag this year and while it was difficult to decide (I was in between this one and the Celine Belt Bag in Nano), I could not be happier with the choice and absolutely love the bag. I’ve already worn it a ton and I love how it elevates my outfits while also being very practical. There will also be a detailed review post coming out soon, so stay tuned.

HM striped turtleneck. This one was a great, great purchase from this year back in September that I’ve been wearing on repeat ever since. I am not exaggerating when I’m saying it’s the perfect knit – easy to wear, light but with some structure to it and striped. I’ve worn it for work, casual outings and everything else in between.

Other Stories black puff sleeve dress. I got this dreamy puffy sleeve dress with my mini & Other Stories summer haul and it was such a great piece to get. It’s a great one because it fits for both more casual occasions (it’s a black midi dress after all) but also takes the outfit up a notch thanks to the details on the sleeves and the back. I wore it in Milan for the first time while visiting the Duomo and I felt like a modern day princess. I got some decent wear out if it for summer dinners and it even served me as a wedding guest dress.

Chanel ballet flats via Vinted. Obviously, the roundup had to include these. Even more so because I got them via Vinted for half the price and in pristine condition. I talk in detail about them in this post, but bottom line is I wanted to have a pair of ballerinas in my wardrobe to complement some of my work and casual outfits and I love having such a staple to serve me for years to come.

Goyard St. Louis tote. This one was a bit of an unplanned luxury purchase because I’ve been following the one bag a year rule for the past few years, and I broke it. Initially, it was the bag I planned to buy this year. And I wanted to get it while we were in Milan back in June. Queues at the Goyard store were crazy though so we aborted the mission. Instead, I got the Loewe Puzzle bag once I got back to Berlin. Fast forward to while we were in Paris back in November, and we casually dropped by Goyard to see if we could get in. Well, the rest is history because we went in, I fell in love with the burgundy version and left with it. I wanted a shopper for a while and I’ve already worn it a lot, so I have no regrets other than a bleeding fashion budget.

Masssimo Dutti striped cardigan via Vinted. Another preloved score from this year, was this heavy striped knit. I convinced myself not to buy it while it was available in the store and then regretted it and started looking for it second hand. I am so happy I found it in pristine condition and at retail price because it’s such a strong piece to have added to my wardrobe. It’s extremely versatile and I wore it in all seasons so far – summer, autumn and winter – for both work and casual outing.

Chanel quilted loafers. These were both an impulse and a planned luxury purchase at the same time; you can read the full story here. But these loafers are perfection if you ask me. I’ve worn them a bunch of times this year and they work so well with both more casual and more elegant outfits.

There are actually quite a few more pieces I love from this year. Even though for my standards I think I shopped quite a bit, it was mostly pieces that fit my style and that I’ve been loving to wear. The summer haul I did at & Other Stories also brought me a buttoned midi knit dress that I’ve loved wearing. My preloved shopping on Vinted, also brought me a couple of jackets I loved to wear with houndstooth pattern, a cashmere turtleneck I wear a lot now that it’s cold, and a replacement for my beloved Zara pleated skirt. I was generous with myself this year and I also got a pair of the classic Chanel slingback shoes as a gift for my 30th birthday and an Hermes scarf as an early Christmas present. All in all, I am quite content with what I shopped this year. I’ve hit some major wishlist items and added a few more classic and versatile pieces from the high street stores.

Shopping Intentions for 2024

When it comes to shopping, I am stepping forward into the new year with a quite relaxed shopping mindset. I don’t have a burning desire to tackle my wishlist immediately anymore – unlike this past year – and I don’t even have that many items on there for now (though I am sure that will slowly change). I am looking forward to enjoying my wardrobe as is, and getting as much wear as possible from the pieces I already own. I know I will most definitely want to add a few items to my wardrobe in the new year, and to I am hoping to accompany those purchases with the following intentions:

  • To continue shopping second hand more. This year has shown that I can do it. I can buy both luxury and non-luxury items preloved and I am very excited to continue that way. It does take a lot of time and patience though I am hoping to keep it up.
  • To be very intentional with the items I buy. I think that I am on the right path with this one,
  • To build a wardrobe that is versatile and will last me for a lifetime. Linked to the above, I want to buy items that will last me a long time – I am not the type to buy a lot and then sell a lot – and I like to love the items I have and wear them on repeat. If you see my outfits you will see that I love to repeat items. I find it a little difficult

Thank you for reading and now that I’ve spilled all the beans, I’m curious, what have been your favourite items that you shopped or loved wearing this year?

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