Welcome to The Career Edit, a career and lifestyle blog for young working women that goes beyond fashion and shares experiences from the day to day.

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I’m a 30-year-old double expat currently living in Berlin. I spend my working days building digital products as a Product Manager in a tech  company. Previously to this, I spent 5 years in the tech consulting world, advising Fortune 500 Companies as part of my job as a Technology Consultant in a SaaS company, and 2 years in the mobile marketing space, after graduating from a Double Degree in Business Administration and Management (completed both in Spain and Germany).

While working full time, I’ve also recently completed my Master’s Degree in International Business Management.  At night and on the weekends, I love sharing little bits of career advice, lessons learned, workwear and more, here on the blog and on Instagram.


I started The Career Edit as a career and lifestyle blog for young working women but that would mainly serve as inspiration for myself on a daily basis. If other young women would end up reading it as well, then it would definitely be a bonus. I have often found myself wondering whether other aspiring young women have the same thoughts and doubts as I do, the same questions and similar experiences, the same style dilemmas and the list goes on, so this is my way of contributing and starting to share those stories in the hope to spark those conversations more and more.

Although I’ve always been ambitious and I wanted to do more and more, until I actually entered the workforce, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t have the understanding of what building a career meant, simply because my environment didn’t give me exposure to corporate life and thinking. And so, I didn’t know quite well what I was getting myself into, how I was supposed to approach certain things and talks. But that’s why I am here, writing this very blog. To help shed some light on the inner workings of a long-term career and steady growth. Things we should be thinking about when starting a new job, when asking for a promotion etc. for those who like me, can benefit from some additional tips and knowledge if for whatever reason didn’t have access to this type of knowledge before.

One of the main reasons why I wanted to start sharing my thoughts publicly, is to find my voice and bring my thinking forward on a variety of topics. I love sharing how my ambitions, my aspirations and my daily job all come together and shape my thinking process. I try to bring as much of a personal, honest and grounded approach as possible and share what is it like to get started in a new job, what are my day-to-day struggles, achievements, and in the end just share my experience. As a good career woman, I of course also touch on topics like lifestyle, health, style & beauty as in the end this is part of who I am and, and leading a balanced life is also something that inspires me.​

The topic I am most passionate about is supporting young professionals, and especially women, to take control over their work life and take their power back at work. You can be successful and have a healthy work life. You can feel empowered at work. You can control the relationships around you and not be afraid of managers, nasty coworkers, or being fired. You have the power to not become a victim of a toxic workplace, and that means knowing walking away. You can be happy in your day-to-day and take your power back at work. I realized pretty early on that there is a way to have a good day-to-day at work and I would argue that achieving that is even more important than your long-term career trajectory, because it defines how happy you are with your life right now, today, and tomorrow too. Most of us spend at least 8 hours a day working since we need to earn a living, so why not be happy with how we spend this time? 


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Thank you for stopping by and do let me know in the comments or reaching out via the contact box if you have any questions!